Toulouse Restaurant

Marius-Toulouse Restaurant – Paris’ Most Popular Restaurant.

“The best restaurant in the world.” The claim seems like an oxymoron to most. This French restaurant located in Paris is a real one with a unique name – Marius-Toulouse.

The restaurant was created by Renzo Rosso who studied in Italy, and the restaurant is based on the famous cooking technique of his native country. “Les restaurants de France” is a phrase that the chefs commonly use when talking about the restaurants in the world. Renzo decided to give his food with a French flavor, and it was this which brought about a successful business. It all started when he found a recipe book for pasta from the Naples region. He then made some changes in it and the result is a dish called “Chaussains”.


In order to give the restaurant a more French style, Renzo had to change the menus of the Marius Toulouse restaurant. For example, instead of being served the classic creamy and buttery dish, a vegetarian dish became available. He also came up with a wine menu, which allowed him to offer a more varied wine selection. The main dishes offered are the pasta, which is prepared in the traditional Italian way using fresh whole ingredients like rice, eggs and milk, along with the traditional vegetables and meat like duck, lamb, veal and venison. The main meals can also include desserts like tiramisu. and chocolate fondue.


The chef is named after his father, the famous chef Renato Toulouse. The food is often prepared in the old, authentic fashion, but modernized style. As a matter of fact, in order to impress the customers the chef has the menus printed in French and translated into French so that the customers can understand and appreciate the dish. better. He is also known as one of the few chefs who is fluent in both languages.


The menu of the Marius-Toulouse restaurant is quite different from most, as it offers a lot of variety in both the dishes it offers and the ingredients used for preparing them. In addition, the chefs try to avoid serving the usual and traditional dishes. Instead, they prepare new and interesting dishes to suit the taste of their clients. The menus also include salads, soups, chocolates, cheesecakes, desserts, etc. As you would expect, there are a variety of different wines on the list as well.


If you visit the Marius-Toulouse restaurant, do take some time to taste the food and experience the French way of cooking. The meal is prepared in the traditional manner, but you can see that it is prepared in an original and unique way. You may even get an opportunity to taste the cuisine of other parts of France!